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14k Gold Chain   

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Proven over 19 years

This superior quality preformed Eruption Appliance helps draw impacted canines into position and it has been a favourite of orthodontists and oral surgeons for many years.

The low profile and positioning of the caplin hook minimises irritation and allows quicker movement. The patented SuperMesh base ensures reliable bonding, particularly with Fuji Ortho LC which is recommended for use in a wet field. 

Allergic reactions are minimised because the chain is 14k gold and the button is titanium nitride coated.

After bonding the caplin hook to an impacted tooth, attach an elastic thread to the end of the gold chain. Movement of the tooth is measured by counting the links of the chain as they become exposed. 

GAC’s sturdy Square Energy Thread is ideal to use with this Eruption Appliance as the edges eliminate slippage.

U-Flex Eruption Appliance

The U-FLEX Eruption Appliance with its curved base that you can adjust, offers an alternative comfortable, versatile and efficient option for teeth that are impacted at various angles. 



GAC Eruption Appliances
GAC Eruption AppliancesGAC Eruption AppliancesGAC Eruption AppliancesGAC Eruption Appliances

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