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Premium Aesthetic Self-Ligating Bracket System. Discounts available on bulk purchases.

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Aesthetics without Compromise

In-Ovation C is the world’s premier ceramic, self-ligating bracket system. GAC has translated the proven clinical benefits of In-Ovation R into a functional, attractive ceramic design.

In-Ovation C’s exceptionally high translucency and rhodium coated clip provide superb aesthetics - a marketable advantage that appeals to patients of all ages. In-Ovation C means you can handle more cases while enhancing both the patient experience and the treatment outcome.

Satisfied Patients and Staff

In-Ovation C is easy for Orthodontists and staff to use, while it delivers superb results with enhanced aesthetics and comfort for patients. Designed for reliable performance, the bracket’s 100% mechanical lock base ensures reliable bonding and debonding. Its innovative clip technology is easy to use: closing with a nudge of a thumb with an audible “click” to assure correct engagement. A special interactive Coballoy spring clip provides better torque expression while its special design ensures easy opening and easy closing throughout the treatment - a full arch change takes seconds!

Reduced Treatment Time

Whichever technique you employ, the In-Ovation C system is designed to provide predictable results and shorter overall treatment times. The bracket’s spring clip gently controls rotations throughout treatment, while its true rectangular slot helps deliver precise torque and control. In-Ovation C provides optimal inter-bracket distance while yielding straight wire results.

The Power of Interactive...Control from Start to Finish


Passive Mode

Small, round wires slide freely, initiating the tooth movement process as the archwire gently levels teeth and coaxes them into alignment.


Expressive Mode

Square or rectangular wires are gently seated into the base of the slot without contacting the clip. Programming is expressed, rotations are corrected and space closures are completed.


Active Mode

Rectangular archwires extend beyond the slot to fully engage the clip, providing the active control necessary for functional finishing, uprighting of the roots and adjusting torque.

Discounts available on full patient kits

  • Buy 5 full kits for a 25% discount
  • Buy 10 full kits and receive a 30% discount
  • Buy 25 full kits and receive a 50% discount


In-Ovation C Kits
In-Ovation C KitsIn-Ovation C KitsIn-Ovation C KitsIn-Ovation C KitsIn-Ovation C Kits

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