Marquis MBT Bracket Kits

Marquis MBT .022" Upper/Lower 5-5 + hooks

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Fully Preprogrammed Bracket System™

  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • Retention superior to mesh bonding pads
  • The extended base of the bicuspid provides a better fit and added retention
  • The micro-etched pylons are designed at an acute angle generating miniature anchorage points that embed firmly into the adhesive ensuring maximum bond strength

Marquis™ Overview

Marquis Typodont
checkmark One-Piece Bracket Design 
Elimination of base separation during treatment
checkmark Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) 
Shear bond strength superior to mesh pads 
checkmark Maximum Patient Comfort 
Low profile base with smooth contoured edges 
checkmark Highest Quality Material 
Cast 17-4 medical grade stainless steel 
checkmark Ball Hooks - No Additional Charge 
Integrated ball hooks for superior strength 

An Innovative and Unique One Piece Base Design
Cast from high quality 17-4 stainless steel, the Marquis™ Stainless Steel Bracket System is unsurpassed in strength and offers the following features and benefits.

Form and Function
The Marquis™ bracket offers a true compound contoured bracket base with built in torque, angulation, and in/out dimensions. The archwire slots are chamfered for simple wire engagement. The Marquis™ bracket offers ample mesial distal width for rotational control and provides 40% more tie-wing area for easy bracket ligation. The lower incisors are beveled to prevent occlusal interference. The bicuspids have an extended base to provide a better fit and added retention.

Mechanical Retention
The primary retention employed by the Marquis™ Bracket System is achieved by a process known as "electrical-discharge-machining" (EDM). This process produces a micro etched surface on all sides of the pylon, as well as the under side of the base. The "pylons" act as miniature anchorage points which embed themselves firmly into the adhesive. Once embedded, the EDM surface of each pylon allows the adhesive to grip the bracket and securely anchor it into the adhesive. In addition to the mechanical retention of the EDM finish, the pylons are designed at an acute angle, relative to the torque-in base... thereby, generating geometric undercuts when bonded to the tooth. These undercuts serve to further enhance the retentive strength of the Marquis™ Stainless Steel Bracket System.


Marquis MBT Bracket Kits
Marquis MBT Bracket KitsMarquis MBT Bracket KitsMarquis MBT Bracket KitsMarquis MBT Bracket Kits

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