MicroTech Bracket Kits


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Microtech™ Rhomboid Shaped
Designed to facilitate precise placement
Microtech™ Built-In Torque In Base
Plus angulation and in/out dimensions
Microtech™ 80 Gauge Foil Mesh Bonding Pad
Provides maximum retention
Microtech™ Contoured Tie Wing
For added patient comfort


Design Ensures Precise Placement
Microtech™ stainless steel brackets are designed to facilitate precise placement. Its rhomboid shape provides several reference points. The archwire slot and occlusal edge of the compound contoured bracket base are parallel to the occlusal edge of the tooth. The distal and mesial tie wings are parallel to the tooth’s anatomy. The center scribe line aligns with the long axis of the tooth.

Archwire Slot Facilitates Easy Placement & Removal
The arch slot was designed to facilitate easy placement and removal of the arch wire while ensuring superior registration. The tie wings provide ample length and area to hold ligature ties and elastic chain securely in place.

Microtech™ Features
Microtech Brackets are diamond finished for an exceptionally shiny appearance and improved patient hygiene and comfort. All ball hooks are designed for strength and are rounded for patient comfort. The unique manufacturing methods for complicated shapes combined with excellent engineering support and proper selection of raw materials ensure the success of our Microtech™ bracket systems. All of our bracket systems are held to the strictest quality control standards so you can choose the one that meets your needs with confidence.


MicroTech Bracket Kits
MicroTech Bracket KitsMicroTech Bracket Kits

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