MSL Metal Self Ligating Brackets

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The MSL bracket allowed us to supply our loyal GAC customers with a self- ligating bracket until full supply resumed of In-Ovation R. 

  • Interactive design
  • Clip opens easily with an explorer and closes with the touch of a finger!
  • Compound contour base
  • 80 gauge mesh base 

Roth .022” with cuspid hooks Upper & Lower 5-5

Contoured Edges & Smooth Surfaces for enhanced patient comfort

Colour Coding for easy identification

Small, Strong Ball Hooks

Rounded Slot Edges for easier wire insertion

80 Gauge Mesh Base for increased bond strength

True Twin Design for rotational control and chain elastics

Bevelled Lower Incisors to prevent occlusal interference

Centre Scribe Line for accurate placement

Compound Contour Base with built in torque and angulations 






MSL Metal Self Ligating Brackets

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