Nola Dry Field System

The Nola Dry Field System completely eliminates saliva and fully exposes both arches

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The system is easy to assemble and can be inserted and used by a single operator.

The entire system is completely autoclavable to 280F/135C

  • Saves chair time
  • Reduces rebonding
  • Prevents treatment delays
  • Maximum access

The adjustable cheek retractor keeps the cheeks back and fully exposes both arches. Adjust to arch length.

The tongue guard holds the tongue in place and allows the patient to continue swallowing.

Low or High Volume SIlicone Tubing precisely directs saliva flow and ensures unrestricted evacuation for a totally dry environment.

Cheek Retractor: Assembly with flexible connector

Low Volume Adapters: 4 adapters and 4 "Y" connectors

High Volume Adapters: 4 adapters and 4 "Y" connnectors

Tongue Guards

"Y Connectors

Connecting Arm Inserts: Used for connecting Tongue Guards to Cheek Retractor

Bilateral Suction Tubes: Silicone tubing

1 Cheek Retractor
1 Flexible Connector
1 Tongue Guard
2 Bilateral Suction Tubes
1 Central Suction "Y" Connector with Low-Volume Adapter 


Nola Dry Field System
Nola Dry Field SystemNola Dry Field SystemNola Dry Field System

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