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Premium Twin Metal Bracket System  

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The Most Advanced Versatile Twin Design

OmniArch is the first mid-sized bracket system that combines all the outstanding elements of the proven twin system with the most advanced bracket design available.

Clinicians gain superior control, wedged torque in base, easy bonding; patients benefit from a bracket that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and gives outstanding results.

OmniArch is available in a wide range of prescriptions and options to suit your treatment goals. 


A Bracket System You Can Trust

OmniArch offers efficient and reliable treatment with no accidental debonds. A bracket system you can trust, suitable for both NHS and private patients. Using OmniArch can actually reduce your real treatment costs.


Roth, Euro (MBT*), Roncone, 7/3 Version, MicroProgressive and Bi-Dimensional V-Slot.

Superior Angulation

The incisal aspect of OmniArch parallels the tooth’s incisal edge, while the tie wings flow with the long, or crown axis. This provides unequalled mesiodistal / incisogingival orientation with precise tipping results.


Low Profile 

Using the latest in materials and research, GAC has designed OmniArch with significantly lower profile. The design permits earlier bonding, less interference, and less soft tissue irritation.

Wedged Torque

OmniArch’s Wedged Torque provides the aligned slots and placement advantages of torque in the base or diagonal design. It further incorporates an exclusive tie wing design that prevents occlusal interference and the resulting discomfort, bond failure and repositioning. 


OmniArch is the ideal size - small enough to be aesthetically pleasing, yet easy to handle and sized right for greater rotational and torque control not found in mini’s.

Milled Bracket Manufacturing

The most precise manufacturing process providing complete slot accuracy. Excellent sliding mechanics are guarateed providing consistent outstanding performance.

Convenient Credit Card Delivery

Designed to save you time and money, OmniArch kits are supplied preloaded onto bracket orientation cards, all ready for bonding.



OmniArch Kits
OmniArch KitsOmniArch KitsOmniArch KitsOmniArch KitsOmniArch Kits

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