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The SpaceFile Interproximal Reduction System is a complete system that includes the handpiece, the SpaceFile IPR files and accessories.

The precision Swiss-made diamond-impregnated double-sided files can accomplish a wide range of tasks including interproximal reduction, contouring, polishing and finishing.


Call for Single-sided file options

POLISHING: Grey - A final step in tooth surface restoration

FINISHING: Purple - For finishing prior to final polish

XX FINE: White - Pre-polish and finish reduced areas. Also use as initial strip for excessive crowding

X FINE: Yellow - Pre-polish stripped areas. Also use as initial strip for crowded cases

FINE: Red - Use to initiate reduction in crowded cases. Also use to contour after reduction

MEDIUM: Blue - Use for reduction with some crowding or when some space exists

COARSE: Green - Primary working strip for IPR. Also use to trim and contour

X COARSE: Black - Use for maximum reduction at start of IPR

SERRATED CONTACT POINT SAW: Brown - Use to break contact points on enamel, composite, amalgam, porcelain or gold

  • Swiss-made, diamond-impregnated files
  • Uses include breaking contact, reduction, contouring, fine trimming and finishing 
  • Designed to allow low temperature operation and prevent clogging
  • Double-sided and single-sided
  • Files, grip and inner tray are autoclavable
  • Colour coded for easy identification


SpaceFile Strips
SpaceFile StripsSpaceFile StripsSpaceFile StripsSpaceFile Strips



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