Outie Tool - Retainer & Aligner Remover

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In order for an aligner or retainer to work they need to have a tight fit, this can sometimes present a problem for the patient when they need to be removed for eating, flossing and cleaning.

Patients complain about the struggle they have trying to remove the appliance ending up with sore and broken finger nails or they are frustrated with existing tools that don't give sufficient grip. 

The Outie Tool makes it easy for patients to position and remove their retainers and aligners safely and hygienically. With a lever design on the bottom end for fully engaging and removing the lower appliance and a hook design on the upper end for the upper appliance.

  • The Outie Tool is longer in length than other tools available, allowing the patient to maintain a good hold and leverage
  • They go easily in to a pocket or purse
  • There is no danger to the teeth, gums or appliances when using the Outie 

How do Outie Tools work? EASY!

  1. Use the lever end to push your lower aligner up and off.
  2. Use the hook end to pull the top aligner down and off. The hook may be inserted on the lingual or labial sides. 




Recommended by the patient:

"I love this thing! I received my first set of Invisalign® trays three weeks ago, and had a great deal of difficulty removing them. This great little tool pops them right out."

Recommended by the Dentist:

"I have been treating patients with Invisalign for several years and until now did not have an adequate instrument to assist the patient with the removal of the aligners. The Outie Tool is outstanding. It is far superior to anything else out there."

Gregg K. Johnson, DDS


Outie Tool - Retainer & Aligner Remover
Outie Tool - Retainer & Aligner RemoverOutie Tool - Retainer & Aligner Remover

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