Starlight Pro Curing Light

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The very latest Starlight Pro LED Curing Light is ultra light, practical and easy to use as well as extraordinarily ergonomic.

Available in 4 new bright colours: shiny white, shiny yellow, silver and matt black carbon fibre.


  • “Fast“ mode: 10 seconds at maximum light intensity, with acoustic signal at the beginning and end of the cycle
  • “Slow rise“ mode: 20 seconds with a progressive increase of the light intensity reaching the peak within the first 3 seconds, one acoustic signal after 10 seconds and one at the end of the cycle 


  • Green control LEDs indicating mains supply and signals charging process and power output
  • A yellow LED flashing warning light
  • Integrated radiometer which checks the power output
  • Result indicated by a LED

OUTPUT - Hardens a 2 mm layer with the utmost reliability in 10 sec

PROCESSOR CONTROL - Constant light power regardless of the charge level

WEIGHT - Only 105 g

LOW BATTERY WARNING - The double acoustic signal is activated when the battery has 6 cycles left

ACCUMULATOR - Lithium-ion battery with no memory effect

CHARGING TIME - Only 90 minutes

CAPACITY - 320 cycles with 10 seconds

LIGHT SPECTRUM - Starlight lamps are effective on campho-roquinone, used as photo-initiator in 98% of the materials on the market. They emit light on a wave-length comprised between 440 nm and 480 nm with a peak at 460 nm.

LOW TEMPERATURE - It does not require a fan as it develops no heat – silent


Size (width x Ø) - 198 x 22.5 mm

Weight - 105 g 

Wavelength - 440 - 480 nm

Light intensity - > 1.400 mW/cm2

Average working life of LED (in 10-second cycles) - 2.500.000 10-second cycles

Battery charging time - 90 minutes

Battery capacity - 160 20-second cycles

Warranty (excluding the optical fibre) - 3 years including the battery


FIbre Optic Starlight Pro Tip: A replacement tip for the Starlight Pro

Barrier Sleeves: Will help protect from cross contamination. For use with curing lights.

Curing Light Shields: Paddle and tip shield available


Starlight Pro Curing Light
Starlight Pro Curing LightStarlight Pro Curing LightStarlight Pro Curing LightStarlight Pro Curing Light

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