Ultrabright Glass Mirrors

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These new generation dental mirrors feature a ground breaking ultrabright coating which for the first time achieves close to 100% reflectivity. Even high-grade rhodium and titanium dental mirrors have only reached on average 75% reflectivity until now. 

The Ultrabright dental mirror comes with a removable silicone handle for comfortable handling which can be autoclaved together with the dental mirror. With thorough testing the mirrors have been shaped and perfected for optimal use. Our unique dental mirror forms were created based on the best possible combination of reflection surface, safe handling and comfort.

Why Ultrabright mirrors?

  • Reflectivity close to 100%
  • More detail for intra-oral images
  • True colour representation
  • High durability for repetitive autoclaving (up to 390 ̊F)
  • Best product quality 


Ultrabright Glass Mirrors
Ultrabright Glass MirrorsUltrabright Glass MirrorsUltrabright Glass MirrorsUltrabright Glass MirrorsUltrabright Glass Mirrors

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