Universal Screw Driver

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One handle with two uses, as standard for all interventions or mini for palatal interventions. 

The Orthodontic Skeletal Anchorage System (OSAS) is an easy and uncomplicated system that you can use with confidence.

OSAS Screws are extremely stable and highly elastic. Their diameter of 1.6mm with a core of 1.2mm have been proved to be the ideal size for an orthodontic implant and there is a choice of screw lengths between 5mm and 9mm. Larger implants that are available require a greater amount of bone which limits their extensive use.

OSAS screws have the benefit of immediate load bearing. They are self-drilling and self-tapping which facilitates placement and the OSAS offset screw head offers ideal and healthy conditions for the gingiva. All OSAS screws are made of titanium (TiAI6V4), the globally sucessful, safe and proven material of choice for orthodontic implants.

The OSAS system is manufactured in Germany by Dewimed, a company whose products are sold in nearly 40 countries. As well as orthodontic implants, Dewimed also make General Surgery and Neurosurgery products.

There is no need for complicated strategies. In contrast to conventional implants, OSAS screws are not completely osseointegrated. With the limited duration of orthodontic treatment, osseointegration is unnecessary and unwanted. In fact, the non- integration of the implant makes removal very easy. 


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Universal Screw Driver
Universal Screw DriverUniversal Screw DriverUniversal Screw Driver

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