GAC Premium Macro Buccal Tube

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Reduce your bond failures with this next generation of low profile bondable buccal tube. The Macro Tube is a shorter tube with a wider opening designed especially for lower first and second molars. For highly rotated molars, the Macro Tube offers a 50% wider opening at the mesial, built into the convertible cap. The cap has 50% greater weld strength at the mesial that helps avoid accidental conversion when placing large wires. If the rotation is severe, you can use a converter to lift off the cap without major discomfort to the patient. In addition, the design of the occlusal wings keeps them out of occlusion, often a major problem with bondable tubes.

Perhaps more importantly, the elongated base which is notched at the ideal placement point is specially designed to hug the buccal surface of the tooth for perfect positioning and reduced bond failure. The base is also sandblasted for enhanced bond strength.

Macro Tube Features:

  • Low profile for maximum comfort
  • 50% wider opening for easier wire insertion
  • Easy placement
  • Enhanced bond strength
  • Reduced bond failures
Uppers = -10° Torque, 14° Offset
Lowers = -10° Torque, 0° Offset


GAC Premium Macro Buccal Tube
GAC Premium Macro Buccal TubeGAC Premium Macro Buccal Tube

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