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Coated NiTi Open Coil Springs
Coated NiTi Open Coil Springs
Consistent force level Coated for superior aesthetics .012” x .030” (.014” x .027” coated) 7” lengths, pack of 3
NiTi Sentalloy Coil SpringsNiTi Sentalloy Coil Springs
NiTi Sentalloy Coil Springs
GAC’s Sentalloy Coil Springs are body heat activated so they provide more flexibility, greater sizing capability and a superior, near constant force to move teeth without periodontal stress. The closed coil springs have laser fused eyelets for easy engagement and no unwinding.
from £68.09

NiTi Open Coil Spring Spool
NiTi Closed Coil SpringsNiTi Closed Coil Springs
NiTi Closed Coil Springs
Springs available in 9mm or 12mm lengths (pk 10) or 21" Spool
from £29.56

NiTi Open Coil SpringsNiTi Open Coil Springs
NiTi Open Coil Springs
Available in 7" Lengths (Pk 3) or 15" Spool
from £14.54
Essentials NiTi Coil SpringsEssentials NiTi Coil Springs
Essentials NiTi Coil Springs
Close spaces easily for efficient, predictable tooth movement and great patient comfort Strong eyelets are easily attached to bracket hooks .010" x .030" pk 10
from £14.96

NiTi Distalizing Springs
NiTi Distalizing Springs
Distalize molars without the use of headgear Easily trimmed to desired length Fits over any size wire .010" x .045" 7" Lengths Pack of 3