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Aligner Care Kit
Aligner Care Kit
Essential care for aligner wearers
Seat-eez Aligner Tray SeatersSeat-eez Aligner Tray Seaters
Seat-eez Aligner Tray Seaters
Packs of 12 tins, 2 Seat-eez per tin

Easy Lift
Aligner & retainer remover
£10.75 £4.30
Effer-ves Cleaning Tablets
Effer-ves Cleaning Tablets
Call or email us to get greak bulk deal prices!

Retainer Retrievers
Retainer Retrievers
Alleviates the problems associated with removing clear appliances Retainer Retrievers help your patients remove their appliances from the buccal side, both cleanly and efficiently. They are a handy size and can be stored in an appliance case or on a key chain with the hole provided. Hygienically packaged in individual bags (pack of 10).

Value Appliance CasesValue Appliance Cases
Value Appliance Cases
Pack of 12 (Red only available in packs of 10)
from £10.25