Instrument Decontamination Certificate

Please fill out our Decontamination Certificate if you are returning instruments to us for repair or inspection


Swingle Maintenance information


Modern Slavery & Trafficking Act 2015

TOC's statement regarding the Modern Slavery and Trafficking Act 2015




Product Information Brochures

In-Ovation C Orthodontist Brochure

In-Ovation L Orthodontist Brochure

MTM No Trace Orthodontist Brochure

Sentalloy Coil Spring Information

Sentalloy - High Aesthetic Archwire


Patient Leaflets and Information

In-Ovation C Patient Leaflet

In-Ovation R Patient Leaflet

MTM No Trace Patient Leaflet

OmniArch Patient Leaflet


White Papers

Making Good Use of Good Material: BioFoce Archwires

Sentalloy: The Story of Superelasticity