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Please fill out our Decontamination Certificate if you are
returning instruments to us for repair or inspection

Modern Slavery & Trafficking Act 2015

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the Modern Slavery and Trafficking Act 2015


Product Information Brochures

Essentials Product Catalogue

Bionic Bracket Orthodontist Brochure

Exabite Registration Material

In-Ovation C Roncone Rx

In-Ovation C Information Sheet

In-Ovation C Orthodontist Brochure

In-Ovation L Information Sheet

In-Ovation L Orthodontist Brochure

In-Ovation R Offset Bicuspid Information

In-Ovation R Prescription Values

In-Ovation SL Buccal Tube

Lotus Plus Orthodontist Brochure

MTM No Trace Orthodontist Brochure

Mystique Debonding Guide

Mystique Orthodontist Brochure

OmniArch & MicroArch Euro Rx Guide

OmniArch & MicroArch Orthodontist Brochure

Opal Adhesive Instructions - Bond, Etch, Seal

Pure Bracket Orthodontist Brochure

Resilience Adhesive Brochure

Sentalloy Coil Spring Information

Sentalloy - High Aesthetic Archwire

UltraGuard Mouthguard

Vistadent OC Software

Patient Leaflets and Information

In-Ovation C Aftercare Card

In-Ovation C Patient Leaflet

In-Ovation R Aftercare Card

In-Ovation R Patient Leaflet

MicroArch Aftercare Card

MicroArch Patient Leaflet

MTM No Trace Aftercare Card

MTM No Trace Patient Leaflet

Mystique Aftercare Card

Mystique Patient Leaflet

OmniArch Aftercare Card

OmniArch Patient Leaflet

Pure Patient Leaflet

White Papers

Growing Your Pratice While Reducing Stress

In-Ovation C - Fewer Office Visits

Increasing Practice Efficiency Profitability Using In-Ovation Brackets

Making Good Use of Good Material: BioFoce Archwires

MTM No Trace - Lingual You Will Love

Self-Ligation: The Future of Orthodontics

Sentalloy: The Story of Superelasticity

The 20/20 Molar Tube



Safey Data Sheets

Alginate Flavouring

Aluminium Oxide

Block Out Compound

Essentials Instruments

Exabite Registration Material - Base & Catalyst

Exafast NDS - Base & Catalyst

Exafast Putty

Fuji Ortho Gel Conditioner

Fuji Ortho LC - Liquid & Powder

Gishy Goo Base

Gishy Goo Catalyst

In-Ovation C Bracket Base

In-Ovation C Bracket Body

In-Ovation C Rhodium

In-Ovation C Clip and Final Coat

Las Thread

Latex Tubing

Model Glow

NeoBond Adhesive and Primer

NeoBond Gel Etch

Opal Bond & Etch & Seal

Opal Porcelain Etch

Orthoprint Alginate


Patient Silicone

Prophy Paste

Resilience Chemical Cure Adhesive - Catalyst & Base

Resilience Gel Etchant

Resilience LC Band Cement

Resilience LC Bracket Adhesive  

Resilience Liquid Etch

Resilience Low Viscosity

Resilience Multi Cure Glass Ionomer - Base & Catalyst

Resilience Primer Activated Adhesive

Resilience Sealant Resin

Resolve Wire

Retainer Retrievers



Square Energy Thread

Super Chain

Triad Gel

Tropicalgin Alginate

Wonderfill Tongue Filler

Ortho Technology Products Exempt