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Bond-A-Braid Lingual Retainer Wire
Bond-A-Braid Lingual Retainer Wire
The dead soft wire easily adapts and is excellent for semi-permanent orthodontic splinting of the upper and lower incisors, diastema maintenance and other tooth splinting. .027” x .011” ribbon arch wire 8-strand braided wire Dead soft – adapts easily
Bondable Lingual Retainers with Light Cure Base
Bondable Lingual Retainers with Light Cure Base
GAC offers a light cure series of lingual retainers which can be used with any adhesive. Sold individually.

Flowable Light Cure Composite 
Light Cure Retainer AdhesiveLight Cure Retainer Adhesive
Light Cure Retainer Adhesive
Available as 5gm or 1.5gm syringe

Light cure your own aesthetic attachments in seconds! FILL the selected Mini-Mold Tip with light cure resin PLACE the Mini-Mold Tip on desired tooth LIGHT CURE the Mini-Mold Tip for 10 seconds First Time Order? Try our Starter Kit, it’s a great way to sample every style of Mini-Mold. Or....Choose from 7 different Mini-Mold Treatment Tips. Available as a pack of 10 or 8 tips, 1 tip...
from £63.95

Ortho FlexTechOrtho FlexTech
Ortho FlexTech
30" spool
from £198.00

Original TM Alloy retainer wire. 6" Lengths.