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Quantum Rose Head Bur
For efficient debonding and adhesive removal
£38.75 £27.12

Quantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding BursQuantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding Burs
Quantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding Burs
8 Flute Burs in packs of 10 12 Flute Burs in packs of 5
Reliance Renew System Finishing PointsReliance Renew System Finishing Points
Reliance Renew System Finishing Points
Polishes tooth surface Removes residual composite Black point discloses when composite is fully removed Does not create heat Pack of 12

Quantum Carbide Debonding Burs
Quantum Carbide Debonding Burs
High precisions burs for efficient finishing of composite, amalgam and enamel
Quantum Egg Shaped Burs
Egg shaped burs designed for lingual access adhesive removal. The smooth, safe-end non cutting tip prevents damage to the gingival surface.
£29.85 £23.88

Anterior ARS Diamond BursAnterior ARS Diamond Burs
Anterior ARS Diamond Burs
No need to place a separator prior to using if teeth are parallel May be autoclaved, chemiclaved or dry heat sterilised - Don’t immerse in cold sterilisation solution Friction grip Head size - 16mm Head length - 5mm
Safe-Tipped Finishing Burs
Safe-Tipped Finishing Burs
Fine and Extra Fine sold in packs of 5. Medium sold individually.
from £20.55