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OmniArch IndividualsOmniArch Individuals
OmniArch Individuals
Premium Twin Metal Bracket System  
OmniArch KitsOmniArch Kits
OmniArch Kits
Premium Twin Metal Bracket System  
from £27.76

Envy Composite IndividualsEnvy Composite Individuals
Envy Composite Individuals
The first choice for value and reliability
Essential Buccal TubesEssential Buccal Tubes
Essential Buccal Tubes
Value Bondable Buccal Tubes  

Study Model Boxes
Study Model Boxes
These popular study model boxes are available in 3 useful sizes.
from £2.15
Effer-ves Cleaning Tablets
Effer-ves Cleaning Tablets
For all your patients who wear retainers, aligners and mouthguards. effer-ves® is a new effective, effervescing tablet for cleaning all removable dental appliances. 32 tablets packaged in a bright, modern box that will look great in your practice and suit the pocket of your patient. Dental appliances have a slightly grainy surface that can, if not cleaned effectively, harbour micro-organisms that...

Essentials Thermal Nickel TitaniumEssentials Thermal Nickel Titanium
Essentials Thermal Nickel Titanium
Heat activated archwires with great shape memory characteristics. Soft and pliable at room temperature they deliver gentle forces for maximum patient comfort and efficient tooth movement. Our Essentials wires really do offer superb value for money! Consistent quality European arch shape Pack of 10
from £10.55
Aligner Chewies
Aligner Chewies
A simple solution to help patients properly seat their aligners The aligner Chewie provides a soft chewing device the size of a cotton roll that can be dispensed to patients being treated with plastic aligners. Chewies are a cleaner, more professional alternative to cotton rolls and they provide uniform force in a specific area of the mouth where needed. Packaged in individual patient bags (10...

Verve Ceramic IndividualsVerve Ceramic Individuals
Verve Ceramic Individuals
Verve™ Ceramic delivers exactly what you and your patients are looking for in an aesthetic bracket system.
Clear - Gem Mouthguard
Clear - Gem Mouthguard
Available in 125 x 125mm Square or 120mm/125mm Circle blanks
from £0.90

Essentials Nickel Titanium
Essentials Nickel Titanium
Super Elastic Nickel Titanium archwires with an extra smooth finish which reduces friction. Provides efficient treatment with gentle and consistent forces. European arch shape. Packs of 10
from £8.80
Bondable Lingual Button
Bondable Lingual Button
GAC lingual button with a round base with the option of flat or curved. Available individually.

Mighty Ties™Mighty Ties™
Mighty Ties™
1008 ties per stick (24 per stick)

Hi-Q Coated Niti ArchwireHi-Q Coated Niti Archwire
Hi-Q Coated Niti Archwire
Hi-Q Nickel Titanium archwires with a durable tooth coloured overcoat which offers superior aesthetics, stain resistance and low friction.
from £32.95

Interproximal Diamond StripsInterproximal Diamond Strips
Interproximal Diamond Strips
Perforated & Flexible Single sided and colour coded Stainless steel with diamond coating Uncoated centre gateway segment 2 widths: 2.5mm and 3.75mm 4 grits: coarse (90 micron) medium (45 micron), fine (30 micron), extra-fine (15 micron) Length: 147mm Unperforated wide coarse strips available
from £89.70
Essentials KitsEssentials Kits
Essentials Kits
Value Stainless Steel Bracket System  

Premium Stainless Steel ArchwiresPremium Stainless Steel Archwires
Premium Stainless Steel Archwires
DENTSPLY GAC's Stainless Steel wire is made from premium type 304 VAR steel. It's virtually free from imperfections that can cause brittleness and breakage. Square and rectangular wires are shaped to the tightest standards in the industry and laser monitored for total batch consistency. 100% inspection for shape, flatness, finish and torque A perfect balance of spring-back and formability All...
from £6.95
Ortho FlexTech - Stainless Steel
from £97.80

Bondable Eyelets
Bondable Eyelets
GAC eyelets with a rectangular curved base. Available individually.

Gem Mouthguard Square (.080" / 2mm Thick)
Gem Mouthguard Square (.080" / 2mm Thick)
Specially formed EVA which heats and forms easily with superior fit to the model. Material forms soft and flexible Good durability Great choice of colours
Ortho Hygiene KitsOrtho Hygiene Kits
Ortho Hygiene Kits
A real quality hygiene kit to help promote good oral hygiene for those patients with fixed appliances. These sturdy, attractive Ortho Hygiene Kits are ideal for storage and travelling and are suitable for both teenagers and adults. Why not take advantage of our personalised imprinting service to help you promote your practice at no extra charge. Available on orders of 144 or more. V-Trim Toothbrush Travel...

Verve Ceramic Bracket KitVerve Ceramic Bracket Kit
Verve Ceramic Bracket Kit
Verve™ Ceramic delivers exactly what you and your patients are looking for in an aesthetic bracket system.
TOC Impression TraysTOC Impression Trays
TOC Impression Trays
Perfect Impressions 1st Time - Packs of 50
from £16.50

Anterior ARS Diamond BursAnterior ARS Diamond Burs
Anterior ARS Diamond Burs
No need to place a separator prior to using if teeth are parallel May be autoclaved, chemiclaved or dry heat sterilised - Don’t immerse in cold sterilisation solution Friction grip Head size - 16mm Head length - 5mm
Hi-Q Niti - Full
Hi-Q Niti - Full
Packs of 10
from £11.10

TOC Intra-Oral ElasticsTOC Intra-Oral Elastics
TOC Intra-Oral Elastics
Packs of 20 patient packs, each containing 100 elastics 
Quantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding BursQuantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding Burs
Quantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding Burs
8 Flute Burs in packs of 10 / 12 Flute Burs in packs of 5 TOC's Quantum Tungsten Carbide burs are designed, manufactured and finished for optimum strength, performance and durability offering efficient debonding and adhesive removal. They are brazed at the base of the neck as opposed to the base of the head as found in many competitor products. The stainless steel shanks allows for multiple autoclave...
from £35.75

Gem Mouthguard Square (.040" / 1mm Thick)
Gem Mouthguard Square (.040" / 1mm Thick)
Specially formed EVA which heats and forms easily with superior fit to the model. 125mm x 125mm. Material forms soft and flexible Good durability Great choice of colours
In-Ovation R IndividualsIn-Ovation R Individuals
In-Ovation R Individuals
Premium Metal Self-Ligating Bracket System  

Handy StripperHandy Stripper
Handy Stripper
Compact Interproximal Stripping System 
from £18.25
Hi-Q Coated Stainless Steel ArchwireHi-Q Coated Stainless Steel Archwire
Hi-Q Coated Stainless Steel Archwire
A reliable archwire with a durable tooth coloured overcoat which offers superior aesthetics, stain resistance and low friction.
from £22.95

Bondable Caplin HookBondable Caplin Hook
Bondable Caplin Hook
Low profile, low irritation, yet highly functional. The Caplin Hook from DENTSPLY GAC has grown in use every year since its inception over 10 years ago. Available individually.

Incremental Thickness GaugeIncremental Thickness Gauge
Incremental Thickness Gauge
NEW LOWER PRICE! Pack of six gauges for measuring interproximal spaces. Dimensions are 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm.
In-Ovation C IndividualsIn-Ovation C Individuals
In-Ovation C Individuals
Premium Aesthetic Self-Ligating Bracket System

Coated Preformed Shorty Ties
Coated Preformed Shorty Ties
.010" (.012" coated) pack of 100
Duralock Impression TraysDuralock Impression Trays
Duralock Impression Trays
Packs of 50 (Intro pack 60 - 5 trays of each)

Sani-Ties Elastomerics .120"Sani-Ties Elastomerics .120"
Sani-Ties Elastomerics .120"
Packaged in bags of 45 dispensers, 22 ties each stick 
Outie Tool - Retainer & Aligner RemoverOutie Tool - Retainer & Aligner Remover
Outie Tool - Retainer & Aligner Remover
In order for an aligner or retainer to work they need to have a tight fit, this can sometimes present a problem for the patient when they need to be removed for eating, flossing and cleaning. Patients complain about the struggle they have trying to remove the appliance ending up with sore and broken finger nails or they are frustrated with existing tools that don't give sufficient grip. The Outie...

Hi-Q Posted - EuroHi-Q Posted - Euro
Hi-Q Posted - Euro
Packs of 10
Hi-Q Niti - Euro
Hi-Q Niti - Euro
Packs of 10
from £11.10

GAC Premium Macro Buccal TubeGAC Premium Macro Buccal Tube
GAC Premium Macro Buccal Tube
Reduce your bond failures with this next generation of low profile bondable buccal tube. The Macro Tube is a shorter tube with a wider opening designed especially for lower first and second molars. For highly rotated molars, the Macro Tube offers a 50% wider opening at the mesial, built into the convertible cap. The cap has 50% greater weld strength at the mesial that helps avoid accidental conversion...
Value Appliance CasesValue Appliance Cases
Value Appliance Cases
Pack of 12.
from £8.80

Essentials IndividualsEssentials Individuals
Essentials Individuals
Value Stainless Steel Bracket System  
Verve IndividualsVerve Individuals
Verve Individuals
Everything you desire in a bracket
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