Essentials Individuals

Value Stainless Steel Bracket System  

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Cutting Your Consumable Costs

Essentials brackets are carefully made from advanced 17-4 nickel alloy using MIM technology for brackets of great strength and precision so you can enjoy reliable and predictable performance.

Giving you many of the benefits of more expensive brackets, why not start using Essentials and lower your bracket bill?

All Essentials brackets are supplied in bags of 10.


Thousands of Successfully Treated Cases!

Essentials is a proven and reliable bracket system trusted by many UK orthodontists with thousands of successfully treated cases.

NEW Extended Base Option on Premolars - For easier positioning and increased confidence in bonding

Essentials brackets are now available with the option of a larger base for both upper and lower premolars. This option is exclusive to TOC in this price range of bracket. Bonding with this extended base is easier as there is more base visible when placing the bracket on the tooth and the bracket slot can easily be seen due to its location on the base. Available in MBT prescription.

Gingivally Offset Bicuspid Brackets 

This option gives you a large bonding base increasing bond strength and helping with the fast eruption of partially erupted bicuspids.



Essentials Individuals
Essentials IndividualsEssentials IndividualsEssentials IndividualsEssentials Individuals

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