GAC Snap-Fit Bands

Premium Quality Bands  

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Premium Quality Bands 

Selecting the proper orthodontic band is crucial in the corrective process. The criteria for selecting the right band can include ease and accuracy of placement, elasticity, and how the band contours to the anatomy of the tooth. In addition to a brilliant, hand-polished finish, GAC bands have either acid-etch or micro-etched properties that enhance retention to the tooth. These bands also have a convenient labelling system that is laser-etched right onto the surface. 


Our Snap-Fit Molar Bands offer greater elasticity and superior fit. GAC’s exclusive process produces bands with improved morphology, elasticity and memory. Snap-Fit bands are created with high contouring and snap right into place when the right size is implemented. You simply press on the disto-lingual and then the mesio-labial and the band “snaps” into place. After fitting and removal, the band returns to its original size, assuring that the cemented band is as accurate as the initial fit. 

Snap-Fit Molar Bands are offered in graduated, proportional sizes, maxillary and mandibular, left and right (32 sizes for first molars, 30 sizes for second molars). Snap-Fit Molar Bands are available plain or pre-welded. 

Snap-Fit are the choice of many leading orthodontists world wide. A quarter of a century of experience has proven that they can dramatically reduce your loose band rate if properly sized. It’s no wonder that Snap-Fit bands have been well accepted by thousands of clinicians across the world.

All Snap-Fit Bands are marked using our patented Electro Chemical Etching process for easy-to-read permanent identification, and interiors are micro-etched for roughness to increase bond strength.


GAC Snap-Fit Bands
GAC Snap-Fit BandsGAC Snap-Fit BandsGAC Snap-Fit Bands

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