TOC's own brand range of burs, discs and interproximal diamond strips

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Quantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding BursQuantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding Burs
Quantum Tungsten Carbide Debonding Burs
8 Flute Burs in packs of 10 / 12 Flute Burs in packs of 5 TOC's Quantum Tungsten Carbide burs are designed, manufactured and finished for optimum strength, performance and durability offering efficient debonding and adhesive removal. They are brazed at the base of the neck as opposed to the base of the head as found in many competitor products. The stainless steel shanks allows for multiple autoclave...
from £35.75
Quantum Carbide Debonding Burs
Quantum Carbide Debonding Burs
High precisions burs for efficient finishing of composite, amalgam and enamel

Interproximal Diamond StripsInterproximal Diamond Strips
Interproximal Diamond Strips
Perforated & Flexible Single sided and colour coded Stainless steel with diamond coating Uncoated centre gateway segment 2 widths: 2.5mm and 3.75mm 4 grits: coarse (90 micron) medium (45 micron), fine (30 micron), extra-fine (15 micron) Length: 147mm Unperforated wide coarse strips available
from £89.70

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