Tenvis, a Collection of High Quality, Hand Crafted Instruments

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Tenvis Mathieu Needle HoldersTenvis Mathieu Needle Holders
Tenvis Mathieu Needle Holders
Made from high quality stainless steel with fine serrations for placing metal or elastic ties.
Tenvis Mosquito Forceps
Tenvis Mosquito Forceps
Straight tip with a length of 12.5cm and a mat finish. Serrated tips provide a positive grip of elastomeric ligatures.

TN10 Bracket PositionerTN10 Bracket Positioner
TN10 Bracket Positioner
For precise bracket placement
Lingual NiTi Distal Cinch Back Pliers
Lingual NiTi Distal Cinch Back Pliers
Bends Niti wire distal to the buccal tube for patient comfort. Serrated tips grip wire securely. Wire capacity .012” - .018”.

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