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Bio Bite Corrector MSBio Bite Corrector MS
Bio Bite Corrector MS
A direct and reliable way to Class I Occlusion
from £97.34
D2 ApplianceD2 Appliance
D2 Appliance
Simplifying Class II Correction

Q Screw Handle
Q Screw Handle
for use with Screwdriver Hex
Screwdriver HexScrewdriver Hex
Screwdriver Hex
for Q screw handle and contra-angled handpiece Available in 20mm and 30mm sizes

Titanium Fixing Screw
Titanium Fixing Screw
Titanium Fixing Screws for use with BBC Standard appliance
Titanium Spacer
Titanium Spacer
Spacer size - 1.5mm Use with Bio Bite Corrector Standard