BioForce High Aesthetic Archwire

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Reduced visibility and outstanding performance

Featuring similar, low-visibiliy properties, GAC’s new Sentalloy and BioForce High Aesthetic Archwires are the perfect complement to any ceramic bracket. A unique, rhodium process provides a low-reflectivity surface, giving each wire a soft, frosted appearance. Both Sentalloy High Aesthetic and BioForce High Aesthetic have the original properties and provide the same excellent performance as our original Sentalloy and BioForce wires.

Sentalloy High Aesthetic

An excellent, low-friction, superelastic, NiTi archwire for straightening and alignment. Sentalloy wires feature thermally activated shape memory and provide near constant forces.

BioForce High Aesthetic

BioForce High Aesthetic archwire is part of the first and only family of biologically correct archwires. The NiTi BioForce wires apply low, gentle forces to the anteriors and increasingly stronger forces across the posteriors until plateauing at the molars. Beginning at approximately 100 grams and increasing to approximately 300 grams, BioForce provides the right force to each tooth, reducing the number of wire changes and providing greater patient comfort. 

Aesthetic Advantages

  • Rhodium process provides low reflectivity for reduced visibility
  • Matches the appearance of the In-Ovation C clip
  • Complements any ceramic bracket
  • Provides the same outstanding performance as standard Sentalloy and BioForce wires 





BioForce High Aesthetic Archwire
BioForce High Aesthetic ArchwireBioForce High Aesthetic ArchwireBioForce High Aesthetic Archwire

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