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Alghamix IIAlghamix II
Alghamix II
Please note this product has been discontinued. Please call for an alternative.
Alginate Flavourings
Alginate Flavourings
2 fl oz (56.7gm) per bottle

Alginate Mixing BowlsAlginate Mixing Bowls
Alginate Mixing Bowls
Made from extremely smooth and pliable plastic, for easy mixing and cleaning PVC is not used in the manufacturing process, eliminating any danger of migrating plasticisers Glossy inside surface, making alginate removal easy
Anutex Modelling Wax
Anutex Modelling Wax
Sheet size: 187mm x 88mm x 1.5mm
from £6.25

Duralock Impression TraysDuralock Impression Trays
Duralock Impression Trays
Packs of 50 (Intro pack 60 - 5 trays of each)
Exacto Bites
Exacto Bites
Occlusal Registration Can be used with either wax or silicone registration materials

Exafast NDSExafast NDS
Exafast NDS
Fast Set Impression Material
from £50.65
Exafast PuttyExafast Putty
Exafast Putty
Easy to mix and use

Ideal Alginate
Ideal Alginate
Fast Set Orthodontic Alginate
from £15.75
Impression Separation Wafers
Impression Separation Wafers
Impression separation wafers create space in a first impression to be used later as a custom tray

Indelible Pencils
Indelible Pencils
Ideal for marking designs on alginates and for permanently identifying plaster models
Laminated Bite Wafers
Laminated Bite Wafers
Aluminium foil is laminated between two layers of soft bite wax. The foil lessens distortion and prevents the patient from biting through the wafer.

Fast Set Orthofdontic Alginate
from £2.50
Plastic Alginate Spatulas
Designed to fit all mixing bowls They will not scratch the surface of bowls, and cleans up easily Perfect combination of flexibility and stiffness, for good control Easy grip handle reduces slipping SPECIAL OFFER ON TROPICAL GREEN SPATULAS - NOW ONLY £1.20 each!!
£4.85 from £1.20

Replicate AlginateReplicate Alginate
Replicate Alginate
Chromatic Alginate for high precision impressions  
from £7.95
Soft Bite Wax

TOC Impression TraysTOC Impression Trays
TOC Impression Trays
Perfect Impressions 1st Time
from £16.50
White Utility Wax Strips
White Utility Wax Strips
Wax strips 3/16" x 11" Soft and pliable Great for building up impression trays