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Attenborough Lathe BrushesAttenborough Lathe Brushes
Attenborough Lathe Brushes
Calibris - with calico (Pk 10) and Quatribris - without calico (Pk 10)
from £21.10
Bur Cleaning Brush
Bur Cleaning Brush
Width 25mm x Length 70mm

Bur HoldersBur Holders
Bur Holders
Handy bur holders to keep your workspace tidy
from £16.79
Carbide CuttersCarbide Cutters
Carbide Cutters
Used for cutting: Precious metal alloys (x-cut medium) Non precious metal alloys (x-cut medium) Chrome cobalt (x-cut medium) Model cast appliances (x-cut medium) Acrylics (x-cut medium, plain cut medium, super coarse) Dry Plaster (plain cut medium) Soft Relinings (cross-cut medium - green band) Wet Plaster (x-cut super coarse) Model plaster (x-cut super coarse)
from £13.80

Rhino Lathe BrushRhino Lathe Brush
Rhino Lathe Brush
with super stiff calico interleave
Thor TiN Coated Tungsten Carbide Bur
Thor TiN Coated Tungsten Carbide Bur
Everything you want in an acrylic bur