TOC's own brand range of bracket cement, etch and bonding adhesives.

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Tru-Grip No-Mix AdhesiveTru-Grip No-Mix Adhesive
Tru-Grip No-Mix Adhesive
Bonding with Success
Tru-Grip Adhesive Primer Light Cure
Tru-Grip Adhesive Primer Light Cure
Prepares etched enamel ready for bonding

Tru-Grip Bulk Gel Etch
Tru-Grip Bulk Gel Etch
Phosphoric Acid Gel in a luer lock syringe. Green colour for visual confirmation of application and rinsing. Luer lock tips are angled for easy access, better control. Includes 60gm Gel Etch, 5 empty 3ml syringes, Luer Lock Applicator tips
Tru-Grip Liquid EtchTru-Grip Liquid Etch
Tru-Grip Liquid Etch
from £14.99

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