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Avanti Tear Drop PlierAvanti Tear Drop Plier
Avanti Tear Drop Plier
When elastics are required on an aligner use this plier to create cut-out of the correct shape to hold them. Elastics are held securely and placing them is made much easier for the patient.
Avanti Vertical PlierAvanti Vertical Plier
Avanti Vertical Plier
Use on a particular tooth to produce an over correction which helps overcome one of the problems of aligners, that of correcting rotations. Makes a vertical indentation at the mesial/distal, facial or lingual aspect of a tooth.

Avanti Horizontal PlierAvanti Horizontal Plier
Avanti Horizontal Plier
Designed to create individual root torque by making a horizontal indentation. Plus, use to increase in retention or aligners and retainers by placing indent under a bonded attachment or tooth's undercut.
Avanti Hole Punch PlierAvanti Hole Punch Plier
Avanti Hole Punch Plier
For creating space in aligners for both bonded buttons or hooks that are to be placed on tooth surface. Use on gingival edge of aligner and a half circle, 6mm diameter, is formed. Also use to quickly and easily remove excess plastic to stop tissue impingement by aligner.

Avanti Retention PlierAvanti Retention Plier
Avanti Retention Plier
When increased retention is required in an aligner or retainer use this plier to create a circular indentation (dimple) at the gingival margin. Also helpful in making difficult tooth movements by increasing pressure on a specific tooth.

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