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Comfort Fit FacemaskComfort Fit Facemask
Comfort Fit Facemask
Discover The Ideal Choice to Achieve Maximum Class III Compliance 
from £12.89

Cotton High Pull Head Caps
Extraoral Elastics
Extraoral Elastics
Pack 1,000. Force level 16 oz. (454gm) 

Ideal Lip BumpersIdeal Lip Bumpers
Ideal Lip Bumpers
For .045" tubes
Laser Welded Facebows
Full Form Extraoral Facebows High Quality Material High quality stainless steel is used in the manufacturing process of these facebows. Wide Inner Bow Size Measurement For accurate selection of the proper size, measurements are based on center of loop to center of opposite loop of the inner bow.
£10.85 £4.34

Nitom2 Locking FacebowNitom2 Locking Facebow
Nitom2 Locking Facebow
5 sizes available